My mistakes of 2022

Let’s get ready for a big slice of humble pie. My mistakes of 2022 are… so face-palm.

I’ll go first, shall I?

FIRST MISTAKE! I forgot to do this post for the last 3 years! OMG! I was pretty good about doing my mistakes posts for nearly every year til 2019.

I think the last 3 years have been so humbling, maybe I was just trying to make sense of a world gone mad, keeping my head above water?


So much has changed since 2018. It’s… a world with the bandaids ripped off, and the gaping wounds exposed underneath. What does this mean? Well, allow me to explain:

2022 MISTAKES in no particular order

my mistakes of 2022, it's a picture of a broken toe on a foot

Butterfingers in the gym and breaking my toe!

I am such a meathead. Seriously, wow. I had to go stack 300 lbs of plates at the gym leg press, and instead of staying in my hand, I dropped the 45 lb weight and it fell on my big toe! So, now I’m recovering! Very jock injury.

My mistakes of 2022: A bunch of dating fails which were hilarious, here are just a few:

  • Checkout the checkout woman: I liked her. She asked good questions. I was too nervous to hold her hand on date 2. Then I told her about human design, and tried to explain it to her, and she was like NOPE
  • Bald biker: we made out, and it was just ok, I guess. Didn’t want to get sexually tested, and I felt we were too different. He owned a bike shirt company, was so into bikes, would read bike books and watch bike documentaries… not much to say to each other. Was a democrat in the blue no matter who kind of way. Had no nuance to his politics. Spent a lot of time of facebook arguing with people
  • The emotional fluffer: He love bombed me with a million text messages. He could connect emotionally but not physically. He also really wanted kids ASAP and I was like NOPE, and that was that. He was really into soccer and was insistent that I go, and I just don’t care about that. Said he wanted to be friends and then just peaced out.
  • Red-headed bald catman: He could not connect emotionally with me at all. All he could do was talk about his own experience. He could not hold space for me. He had a string of 1-2 month relationships for the last 10 years. He had no friends. He wanted to move to physical intimacy right away. Self obsessed. Had no idea how to have a relationship, at all.
  • Genius piano guy: he had 2 young kids and was not able to make time for me, zero chemistry, he wanted to be friends and kept calling me Dude. Introduced me to his co-workers?! I felt like an item on his to-do list and I told him that.
  • Standup comedian: He was aspie and did not want to acknowledge it. He was so so broken and lost. Anxiety and depression and basically a sad scared child. A walking open wound. Almost a baby. I really felt sorry for him. He could not connect with me. And I was like NOPE we are not taking any fixer uppers over here.
  • Poop-Man: Stuck in 13 year old maturity. He said he wants to take me to pound town (DISGUSTING). He is an addict who has been sober for 6 years. He said he still is addicted to nicotine but doesn’t smoke anymore. And he likes the sound of his own voice a lot. Lovebombing. And has no idea what that is. Loves to talk about poop. Will not shut up about poop and farts. HE IS A TERRIBLE PERSON. UGH. Stopped making effort. Disorganized attachment. Forget about it flake, it’s FUCKTOWN.
  • HIMBO: A narcissist. Only cared about what he wanted. And he just wanted to touch me and kiss me as soon as he met me. Did not ask me questions about myself. Kept sending me pics of him at the gym. Did not try to get to know me. He said he just wanted 100% good vibes all the time and I thought NOPE. My therapist was also like NOPE. And so I blocked him. He also kept coming up with nicknames for me like Doll and Hun, instead of using my actual name, even though I told him I want him to use my actual name. He could not be bothered.

I hope these amused you! I have SO MANY MORE STORIES. SO MANY. I even made a webinar about it.

But this year I decided to do something different. Take one month on dating, and one month off. That really helped keep me sane.

Assuming I would have lots of workshops

with a government client and new partner, ending up only having 2 workshops and no work from the new partner yet, But I am hopeful in 2023 that this will all change!

mistakes of 2022 asking people to come back to the office. And all of the things that make no sense about work

My career conference in 2022 was not as well attended, not sure why.

we still had people saying it was good, so that was good. I think maybe… time for a new approach. Maybe people are seeing that working a job is not going to give you the fulfillment it promises, or even the decent wages you deserve? PERHAPS!!!

So really glad I did the path to action conference in November! That was so good.


Trying to move all of my blog posts from to, and then finding out, oh, that is going to mess up my SEO! So having to put them all back on MISTAKE!

My mistakes: My course not selling

Paying a consultant to help me launch my year end appeal course, and then… selling just one course. Womp womp! I think I stopped selling courses and started selling events and people aren’t used to me selling courses anymore. Trying something different next year though! Glad I took a risk and tried something new!

Partnership fails

Partnering with the wrong person, and that is like a whole post in itself. Everything that went wrong there.

This is certainly not the end of my mistakes of 2022, but since we are at the end of the year, I hope… I hope that I don’t have to add too many more!

Stay tuned for all of the GOOD things that happened in 2022 next week!

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