Why Resisting Work Works

Often we take our work home with us, think about it when we wake up, think about it as we’re falling to sleep, put off being with friends and family for work, and don’t pursue our hobbies because work takes over our lives. What if we could all start resisting work?

What if we could stop measuring ourselves in terms of our job titles, salaries, body shape? According to Peter Fleming’s Resisting Work, “If you think you’re not getting enough done- you are being told to think this by capitalism.” We are all brainwashed by white supremacy. So too our org structures are steeped in this.

Inflammation in your body… and in our world

Recently I read a book called “Inflamed” by Rupa Marya and Raj Patel. In this book they make the case for the fact that our world is inflamed. Which directly correlates to what is happening in our bodies when they become inflamed.

Whether it’s farming practices that hurt the land or animals, or whether we are asking our human bodies to be more robotic and less human.

When we stop listening to our bodies, to our intuition, we stop listening to the land, and our bodies scream louder and louder and louder to be heard.

It’s not easy living through late-stage capitalism.

How do we have self agency?

What if you just don’t want to work anymore? How can we resist work? And what if that’s EXACTLY what will save the world?

How are we supposed to survive or even retire in a world on fire?

How do we find hope?

What does it mean to seek justice?

Is it too late for us?

I don’t have the answers.

All I have are a lot of questions. But that’s what makes this time exciting! We get to ask the questions together. We get to say “I don’t know” a lot. None of us have ever lived through a global pandemic before. Our systems were created haphazardly piece by piece, and they were never set up for justice. They were set up to benefit the people who had the most money and the most power.

So if you feel like you’re looking for justice without a map, well, we all are. 

Who knows how long our world will continue to suffer? I don’t know.

What I do know is that it’s not about the actions of one person. it’s about what we do as a collective from now on.

Our mothers and our grandmothers could not prepare us for this. We are entering Uncharted Territory. But you don’t have to go alone. We can work together to transform our world and work less. Let’s have a conversation, and party together!

Wait a minute, there’s a party at the end of this?

What if the discomfort we’re going through right now the deeper darker emotions are precursors to joy?

Could you imagine taking the space to be silent, to be sad, to reflect and grieve? Is this exactly what was missing from our world?

What if we can go through this together and come out the other side with new models of how to live?

It’s not too late.

A brown woman with a black afro, smiling, looking thoughtful, in front of a verdant green background, resisting work, working less.

That’s why I’m putting together my mastermind.

If you think you can do nothing you’re wrong.

Do you really think it’s game over? Who benefits from you thinking that?

What if you could get deeply connected to your desires and the desires of people around you to make deep lasting systemic change?

Can you imagine that we not only want this change but need it to keep our planet from going up in flames?

Resisting Work

What if working less, having more just systems and treading more gently on the Earth was the only thing that would save us? According to a recent Guardian article, if we start working 4 days a week it will be better for the planet. The world NEEDS us to work less. and if you’re over 40? you should be working 3 days a week.

What if we got a glimpse of this through a hole in the wall and widened the crack, bit by bit conversation by conversation, ask after ask…

Until we have a biz or organization that supports us. Or until we have a system that isn’t built on women’s unpaid labor.

What if we had internal systems that helped us stand up and not back down from our deepest desires for justice?

If you’ve ever wanted your work to mean more-

Scratch that, if you’ve ever wanted your life to mean more,

Then this is your moment.

Step away from work. You can step away from the systems that don’t work for you. Resist work with me.

Let’s build a new world, together. Book a call.

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