The Online Nonprofit Leadership Summit Rocked SO HARD!

Whew! Last week we did our incredible Nonprofit Leadership Summit, with 12 presentations over 3 days for nonprofits all over the world!

We had people join us from Nigeria, from Costa Rica, all over Canada, all over the USA, and many other places.

The quality of the attendees was just unbelievable. Everyone showed up, engaged and motivated to learn. We opened not just our minds, but our hearts as we got real about our challenges, and what we committed to change in our organizations.

Here’s what people said about the Nonprofit Leadership Summit!


“I was impressed with the enthusiasm in most of the presenters voices! They were able to keep me engaged and present! Marc Pitman, Shanon Doolittle, Kishshana, Greg Warner, Jeff Schreifels, Mazarine Treyz’s Next Level Fundraising such great enthusiasm inspired me to take action. Great information and very helpful to know about all the resources and links to speakers. A very gracious and supportive seminar.”
– Judy Rouse, The Midland Life Center, Midland, Texas

“I loved Andrea’s capital Campaign presentation! It was incredibly informative, and her presentation was very warm and engaging. Thank you  I’ve sat in on the monthly giving, board development, and capital campaign sessions. All have been insightful, informative, and totally worthwhile.”

-Karen Toste, The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California

“Everything is still sinking in, but I definitely got the most out of Andy Robinson’s session on Boards, Mazarine’s last session on Fundraising planning, and Kishshana Palmer’s session on managing your team with their fundraising strengths. Andy Robinson provided tools that I think are invaluable and I cannot wait to bring this to our Board’s sustainability group.

Kishshana Palmer was a rockstar! Super engaging and a ton of great information to take in.

Mazarine is just fabulous! I’ve seen some of the tools she showed before, but it was another kick to start really using them to streamline my everyday crazy schedule and really decide what was priority.

I love your newsletter! I can’t remember who showed it (I think multiple people spoke on it), but we have been an organization who has fallen to the reversal of the 80/20 rule focusing more on communications and events then on donorship (which is a newer concept I’ve been fighting to bring into our organization). Some of this will (hopefully) help me really push our organization to developing a strong donor base that has been such a huge missed opportunity!”

– Kristina Chenault, P2 Collaborative of Western New York

“I tend to like the presenters who are themselves while also providing great content, so I really loved you, Maz, Shanon and Greg. I gave Ellen and Jeff the highest marks, because I needed their info the most and their presentations were the most immediately valuable to me.”

– Juliane McLean, Development Director, Bridgercare, Montana

“Thanks to all for re-igniting my inner fire that had dampened a little. I am re-energized and cannot wait to implement the plans I have for 2017.”

-Leslie Clay, Chief Development Officer, Hope Cottage, Dallas, TX

“I follow Greg Warner on LinkedIn and hearing him in person was amazing! He was a highlight of the conference. I was incredibly impressed with Andy Robinson. I learned so much and if he presents again, I will definitely want to attend!”

-Lynn Weaver, Bay Area Women’s Center, Michigan

“Kishshana Palmer was absolutely amazing.” -Patricia Thompson, founder, Robotic Miracles

“All of them; so much information and value. This by far the most exciting and fulfilling summit I have ever done. I feel I understand my role a little more as a board member but also realize the importance of fundraising and having a decided plan to move forward. Many thanks to all presenters. This was so worth it. Thank you thank you thank you, and where do I register for next year?”

-Diane Hayes, secretary BoD Breast Cancer Action Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you, thank you, for an amazing three days! I have been so excited for this Summit! You were offering all of the trainings that I needed.  You exceeded my expectations for quality of the presentations. Every one of the sessions were packed with fantastic information. You have really inspired me to develop a fundraising plan and to finish our succession plan.”                                                    

                     -Deb Sivumaki, Eagle Mount Great Falls, Great Falls, Montana

“You have had very good presenters. I have learned some new things and been reminded of other I have forgotten. Thank you.”
-Emily Fisher, CFRE

“What I liked most was the value of the information and the fact that I can use just about everything presented! I loved the personal attention. You are a wonderful moderator!”
-Anita Palmer, Geoporter Corporation, Dallas, TX

“All the presentations were great. I believe my fundraising will be most impacted by the major gifts strategies I learned in Jeff Schreifels’s presentation.”

-Valerie Richardson, The Library Foundation, Springfield, Missouri

“So much great information and renowned speakers! AWESOME summit! Can’t wait for the next one!”                                               -Brittany Witte, Grand Forks, North Dakota

“It’s very organized and has a friendly feel to it. If the material was more appropriate for the stage my business is at, it would be absolutely perfect. I think this level material is probably just right for a lot of other attendees, but it would be so great if you could also offer a more basic summit.”
-Laurel Summerfield

“it has all been very rewarding” -Barbara Von Reis, Madrona School

“I love Mazarine’s enthusiasm and sweetness. I also love the cold, hard advice. Good balance.”

-Suzanne Ewy, Western University, Colorado

“I liked the sessions when there was back and forth banter with Mazarine and the presenter. That made it more interesting and validated some of the topics.”

-Mandy Rohal, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), Cincinnati, Ohio

“i liked how organized the conf was — reminders, worksheets, slides uploaded ASAP”

-Nicole Murray, Brain Recovery Project

I like the variety of experts and the handouts. Very helpful especially for future reference and sharing with my staff.”

-Tracy Rice, Public Counsel, Los Angeles, California

“I am appreciating the flexibility. I had to attend a funeral and I am able to still “attend” and access all of the information at my leisure. So far, I have filled pages with information and ideas…I am pumped!!!”

– Anita Hills, Executive Director, Haldimand-Norfolk Literacy Council

“I absolutely loved it! There are so many things that I have learned or have been reinforced that I can apply at my organization and beyond. I especially loved all of the tools that we can use and the extra FREE resources that many of the speakers referenced.”

-Kristina Chenault, P2 Collaborative

“Different subjects were all important for most non-profits. For my organization, we are very small (ED plus one staff) so general topics like the ones offered in this summit are appropriate. All the sessions are good but I particularly liked the Monthly Giving and Leadership Crisis talks in particular.”

– Vicki Thayer, Winn Feline Foundation

“A lot we are already doing so it’s confirmation and I have picked up some golden nuggets to implement. Thank you.”
-Cynthia De Lizo, Hanalani schools, Hawaii

“Definitely worth my time!”

-Melissa Rea, Wiregrass Museum of Art

“Really appreciate opportunity for others on our staff to listen in and for the resources to be available afterwards. Thanks, Mazarine.”

-Noreen Murdock, Portland Youth Philharmonic

“The quality of the presentations have been extremely high! “The ability to participate remotely and the format of the summit (i.e., a series of webinars with breaks in between) was the best!”
-Joyce Chau, Ecospark, Toronto, Canada

“Presenters were all very articulate, enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. Very empowering and motivating! I appreciated the break between seminars. I also appreciate the offer that the slides are available right away. Thank you.”

-Lorraine Widmer-Carson. Banff Canmore Community Foundation, Banff, Canada

“Andrea Kihlstedt, Ellen Bristol, Marc Pitman…..these have been the most engaging presenters with the best presentations visually. I am forever indebted to Mazarine for her expertise, generosity, encyclopedic knowledge of all things fundraising, and high level of accessibility. Amen.”

-Hilary Dalton, Development Director, Crescent CHC, Ohio

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