Take it or Leave it

Are you applying for nonprofit jobs? How many do you apply to a week? 5? 10? 20?

this Nonprofit job. Take it? Or Leave It? Image by jameleh on Flickr

When you’re looking for a nonprofit job, do you get all, uh, how am I supposed to be equally excited for every single job I apply for?

Is it difficult to get jazzed about each job you apply for? Knowing that it’s probably going to be underpaid, and tons of work?

I hear you girl!

I’ve been sitting with a friend of mine who is looking for jobs, and it’s sad how much this process has gotten so mechanical and lowest common denominator. For example,

  • Spelling tests that disqualify you for a job, even if it’s an administrative job where you’ll have access to spellcheck.
  • A question that asks you how many years of experience you have with “internet research.”
  • A checklist that lets you only chose if you’re good at Excel OR word. COME ON!
  • A psychological test that also tests how well you do pre-calculus for a job where there’s absolutely no pre-calculus.

Several years ago I actually got disqualified for a fundraising job this way because sorry to say, I’m not good at pre-calculus. Now string theory? I’m your girl! But seriously, is this supposed to really weed out the bad apples in a pool of applicants?

When you’re hiring someone, are you relying on the resume? The cover letter? A random test that doesn’t really measure how well they’ll do the job?

When you’re applying for a job, do you get progressively more disgruntled, the more you fill out these ridiculous applications?

Does it make you rethink applying to the nonprofit at all?

Well it sure makes ME think that this nonprofit is not worth the time!

Think about it this way:

“If you can take it or leave it, you should probably leave it. Make room for something more magical to come into your life.” -Bevin Brandlandingham

So if you aren’t that excited about that nonprofit job, then leave it. Wait. Go outside. Take a walk. Breathe. Think of something else you could do for money.

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