Nonprofit Leadership Summit -What a RIDE!

“A great summit! Very high quality!! I’ve been telling my colleagues who couldn’t join all about it!” -Lisa Allen, Edmonton, AB

“I thought Ellen Bristol was great with a lot of pragmatic advice.”  -Chris Chang Weeks

“Excellent very usable information. Not overwhelming. Finding some nuggets, some concepts that will help as our organization moves forward with a strategic planning session and some ideas that will help me frame some work I’m doing right now. Nice to have different instructors, too.”  -Kathie Collins

“Great selection of speakers and topics. Appreciate spreading the summit out over the course of a week, makes it easier to keep up with other responsibilities. LOVE the significant CFRE credits!” -Kelsey DeWispelaere

“Every speaker and every topic was on point! Seriously could not have spent a better 3 days anywhere. So many ideas and direction was given…..loved loved loved!!” -Shannon Gardner

“Once again this has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much that is applicable to my role. I have started the process of change in my dealings with the board and development staff.” -Perry Maier

“Every day was full of great information, resources and insight. Thank you so much to Mazarine and everyone who presented for sharing and answering our questions. You all did a fantastic job! ” -Lisa Allen, University of Alberta, Canada

“The summit was full of good examples! As a visual learner, I work best from seeing how someone else has done something and then revising to fit our needs. The summit provided real time work on key issues as well as excellent resources.” -Dynette Clark

“This Fundraising the SMART Way session is a great way for us to move forward with fundraising and really will make the steps quite clear. It will eliminate losing valuable time by making accountability part of the process. Thank you so much. Development of a plan will be paramount for this nonprofit as there has been only haphazard information available. This has made the organization more vulnerable than it should be. Thank you again. Qualification and Quantification!!!

Did this last year and am happy to join you again this year. Always learn so very much!!!!  I plan on coming back next year again too because we can never stop learning. I am now president of the board after being secretary so the volumes to learn is astronomical…”  -Diane Hayes, Canada

“I like the wisdom the presenters bring to the summit. They offer steps I can use to assist with educating the Board and other staff.” -Perry Maier

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