What are the Gene Keys?

Mazarine Treyz gene keys

I first came to the Gene Keys back in 2015 when I found Richard Rudd’s work through a podcast.

His Gene Keys come out of the Human Design system by Ra Uru Hu (aka Alan Krakower). He knew Ra Uru Hu, and decided to wait to come out with his work after Ra had passed. He took 10 years to write the Gene Keys book, which is truly remarkable.

As a book, the Gene Keys book is one of my favorite books of all time. Why? Because when I came to it, I felt that the Human Design system was a tad simplistic and fatalistic. Don’t like your design? TOO BAD! This book really opens and expands what your vision can be for your life. It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There really is a happy ending, and everyone is unique. No prescriptions. No one-size-fits-all like in what people traditionally think of as astrology types. Nope. The I-Ching numbers that correspond here are all about seeing the gift in your shadow. And I find that so beautiful. You can have things you don’t like about yourself, but you can be compassionate as you see the gifts in your shadow. What about the Gene Keys system?

The Gene Keys System consists of 3 parts

Your Activation Sequence-The deepest questions at the heart of you.

These consist of the four numbers that make up your incarnation cross in the human design system. Your conscious sun, your conscious earth, your unconscious sun and your unconscious earth. In Gene Keys they are also known as Your Life’s Work, Your Evolution, Your Radiance and Your Purpose.

Your Venus Sequence-How you are in all aspects of love

This sequence comprises the numbers in your chart go through your Purpose, Your Attraction, Your IQ, Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), and Your Core. There’s more, of course! So much more.

Your Pearl Sequence– How you are at work

I love doing Pearl sequence readings, because often people come to me and they just don’t know what to do with their lives. They don’t know what would make them happy. They don’t know what their goals should be. When we do a Pearl sequence reading, we talk about your vocation, your brand, your culture and your pearl. It’s a mystical way to look at your calling.

Why am I an expert?

I’ve dived deep into both human design and gene keys, going into journaling, contemplation and actively learning about these systems since 2009. There is a lot to delve into!

I’ve been teaching human design and gene keys, and giving Human Design and Gene Keys readings for years, and more and more since 2019. Here’s a picture of a human design and gene keys class I taught at General Assembly in Los Angeles in early 2020.

Gene Keys class with Mazarine Treyz, a pale person looking at the camera standing near a whiteboard with the Human Design drawn on the board
Speaking at General Assembly in Los Angeles in February 2020

Want to take the next step? Get a reading!

Listen to me talk about Human Design on the Thriver Lifestyle podcast!

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or check out what I have to say on the Uplifting podcast with Randi Lee

Go see my human design website

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