Funniest Nonprofit Direct Mail: Photoshop Disasters!

Want an example of a funny appeal letter?

Here’s one I wrote awhile ago.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever opened a women’s magazine, or seen one on the shelf in a grocery store? Do you shrug and look away? Do you pick it up? If you open it, you might see this photoshop disaster:

It’s like she’s saying, “I only have one leg, but it’s a really great leg.”

Or how about this disaster? Kimora just had a baby. Here are her before and after photoshop pictures.

This could be called a Photoshop success, if your suspension of disbelief goes up to 11.

In the picture on the left, Kimora looks more like a woman who just had a baby. In the picture on the right, she looks more like an alien. 

You may laugh, but every year, 1,000 women die of anorexia and bulimia. These Photoshop disasters are indicative of tens of thousands of other disasters. The more perfect women you see, the more you think something’s wrong with you because you’re not perfect.

You see these images in the grocery store, in the movies, on packages, on billboards, everywhere. How can you combat them? 

Donate to ANAD today, and help us advocate for realistic portrayals of women in media.

1. We talk with media moguls and beauty product manufacturers every month.

2. We talk with lawmakers and get them to see how this dangerous repetition of alien bodies affects all of us.

3. We talk with girls and boys in K-12 schools and help them become savvy media consumers.

Twenty dollars that you donate today can help stop photoshop disasters, and real life disasters for our daughters and sons forever.


Laura Discipio

Executive Director


What do you think? Is it effective for you? 

I decided to draw attention to the fact that women are buying the lie that they must be thin, based on ridiculous advertisements. I believe the more we can laugh at how horrible these Photoshop disasters are, the more we can help people become savvy consumers of media.

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