What’s the outlook for fundraising careers in 2022?

fundraising careers outlook with number of new jobs, jobs outlook, and median pay from Occupational outlook handbook

If you are looking to get into fundraising, well, I salute you! I’ve helped lots of people get their first fundraising jobs, as well as helping people move on up in their fundraising careers.

I have lots of posts and videos about how to do this. Basically I love helping women ask for more. And it’s fun. Whether asking for more in your salary, in your organization, or with benefits that you deserve, I believe in nonprofit employee justice and work for this each year with my writing, events, and coaching. This year we’re doing a Career Conference, and if you’re reading this after the event, you’ll be able to get the recordings. We’re also doing the Party at the End of the Patriarchy, so that we can question more of our nonprofit structures.

Here’s what Fundraising Careers look like in 2022.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, we are seeing a fast growing industry that pays well.

WHERE is it growing? Check out this map from the Bureau of Labor occupational outlook handbook- here are the wages by state

annual mean wage of public relations and fundraising managers, fundraising career outlook 2022

If you’d like to watch some videos about how to break into fundraising, definitely check out the video below.

Jumpstart Your Fundraising Jobsearch

Next Steps for you

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