9 Best Books of 2022

I read a lot. These are my 9 best books of 2022. And I’ll also give you a list of my favorite podcast episodes of this year, and also the books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, but which are next on my list!

Books I’m glad I read this year:

Rest is Resistance A Manifesto Tricia Hersey

1. Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey I’ve been following the Nap ministry on Twitter and Instagram for a bit, and I really love Tricia Hersey’s message. I’ve been trying to incorporate her principles from this book into my daily life, and my work life. Resisting white supremacy takes all kinds of work, and surprisingly, rest is a big part of it. If this intrigues you, run, don’t walk, to get this book now.

2. Do the Work Activity book by W. Kamau Bell and Kate Schatz – Really enjoyed this book, fun activities and checklists, it is so inspiring! Thank you to Deneisha Thompson for the recommendation, and can’t wait to see what we do in 2023 with this inspiration!

3. Discovering the Inner Mother by Bethany Webster – This book blew my mind as much as the Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents did. I recommend both books. But if you’re curious about the Mother Wound, and if you might have it, definitely check it out.

4. Virtue Hoarders- Against the Professional Managerial Class– Catherine Liu. Snatch your own wig and read this book! Found out about this on the Upstream podcast, then i had to order the book! I liked this book so much I wrote a whole article about it.

5. The Fuck it Diet by Caroline Dooner. I love her book so much, and now she has a new one out called Tired AF, which is also good! If you like the premise behind this book, definitely also check out Food isn’t medicine by Dr Joshua Wolrich, because it says some of the same stuff. Virtue isn’t how much you weigh or what food you eat. (see Virtue Hoarders, ABOVE!)

6. Collective Wisdom collected by Grace Romney. Interviews with older women and often their friends! Talking about ancestors, and inspirations, and how to live. It has so many gorgeous pictures. And I loved it! Highly recommend!

7. Inflamed by Rupa Marya and Raj Patel, also Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher and Resisting Work by Peter Fleming. I liked these books so much I did a whole article about them, and presentations as well.

8. Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay Gibson. A friend told me about this book, and it really blew my mind. I think it can help anyone who is interested in self inquiry.

The Cover of HENCH by N. Walschots

9. Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots – It was a giant metaphor for the Nonprofit Industrial complex, and so well written too! So I had to write an article about it!

Books I would really like to read but haven’t gotten around to yet!

  1. 1. Black Marxism -Robinson
  2. 2. Abolition Geography – Ruth Wilson Gilmore
  3. 3. The smell of rain on dust – Prechtel
  4. 4. Unsubscribe -Josh Korda
  5. 5. A man among other men – Jordanna Matlon
  6. 6. Doughnut economics – Kate Raworth
  7. 7. Deep work by Cal newport
  8. 8. The Will to Change by Bell hooks (I skimmed this! Just didn’t read the whole thing. But it is excellent so far)

Favorite podcast episodes of 2022:

  • Loved Fully Automated Luxury Communism with Zarinah Agnew on the Upstream Podcast
  • The Limitations of Black Capitalism with Francisco Perez
  • The Problem of Economic Thinking with Johnathan Aldred
  • When Work Becomes Religion in Silicon Valley with Caroline Chen, and McMindfulness with Ron Purser, loved her work so much had to make a blog post about this, called Questioning Mindfulness
  • Indigenous Economics with Tyson Yunkaporta (Mindblowing episode!)
  • Laughed so hard with episodes 500 and 501 of the Dollop, on Eugene Debs, with Karen Kilgariff!
  • Laziness does not exist with Dr Devon Price (and of course had to make a post!)
  • Work won’t love you back with Sarah Jaffe
  • Decolonizing Medicine with Rupa Marya and Raj Patel
  • Richard Wolff on How the Sickness is the System loved this so much had to write a post!

Ok, what did YOU read this year that you really liked? Sound off in the comments so I know what to read next year!

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