Announcing the Asking for More Mastermind

Are you tired of working for pennies? Done with a toxic environment? Ready for a change? If you want to stay where you are, this week’s episode will help you. If you want to go, I can support you through your transition.

Big life transitions take a team!

Every new mother needs someone to help bring her baby into the world.

If you’re getting divorced, a lawyer or mediator can help smooth the path for you. I am there to support you when it’s time to change your work life for the better.

Whether you want to make more, get a better title, do work that you find more satisfying, we work together to get you in the exact right place, whether working for yourself or a better organization.

In the last two years, I’ve been training and working with fundraisers and consultants to help us ask for more. And now I’ve made a whole new mastermind, and it’s all about helping you ask for more.

I’ve created a podcast and I’ve already started sharing the exercises I’m using, the exact tools I teach my clients in my Asking for More Mastermind.

Helping women ask for more feels like the work I was born to do. Take the next step and book a call to see if this mastermind is for you.


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