$250K in COVID-19 Fundraising in a Month and a Half!

Client Success Stories During COVD-19

My clients have been hitting it out of the park lately!  One client got $90K in 2 weeks! Another one got $18,500 after taking just one webinar! Another client got $250K in 6 weeks! See below.

This client got $250K in a month and a half!

SO incredible! My client got $250K in the last month and a half! they just wrote me an email yesterday- SO SO happy for them!

FYI, thought you'd like to know... we're almost to $90K. This includes a donor doing his own go-fund-me and matching $10K. All since March 14th!
Client results during COVID-19

This person has been on my list for awhile, she works at a Chicago foundation, and felt so motivated by my webinar that she sent out an email blast! Then got a match! Then her match got matched by another donor and they met the doubled challenge in 4 days with donations still pouring in. She fundraises for 2 nursing/retirement homes and in-home care-giving agency, so this issue is close to home. And the total, in 2 weeks, was $18,500! 

If you’d like to chat about getting results like these with YOUR COVID-19 messaging, just go here and let’s get on a call!

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