Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my blog! 3 years of rabble rousing!

What Wild times we have had in the last 3 years!

What were some of my most popular posts in the last few years?

My mistakes!
What were my mistakes in fundraising?

Hey Nonprofiteer, Are you a good consumer?

An invitation I had to decline from the Chronicle of Higher Education, because it was all about squeezing children in massive debt and making their lives miserable

Nonprofits want stuff for free? Are you kidding me?

Work your Proper Hours

Oh snap girl! Now the truth can be told!

Presenting 10 imaginary nonprofit blogs

Do you need to hire a development director?

Do you know a graduate with no future?

Empowering nonprofit workers!
10 questions to ask in your next nonprofit interview

Are you a workaholic fundraiser? Take the quiz!

From Mother Jones

Do you have a super job?

Are you afraid and unquestioningly obedient?

How do you respond when a manager ostracizes you in front of staff?

Top 10 reasons to pay fundraising staff more

How to negotiate your nonprofit salary

Interviews! People love interviews

Interview with the fabulous Desiree Adaway!

desiree adaway

Paul Nazareth!

The Journey of Paul Nazareth in Planned Giving

An exclusive interview with Kim Klein, author of many fundraising books, including Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times.

8 Questions Answers about Online Fundraising from the team at SickKids Foundation

Stuff unrelated to fundraising! Like abortions!
Livetweeting your abortion

here’s a fabulous interactive graph to help you decide what to buy!

I just realized something…

Why I donated to an e-newsletter subscriber

And Graphic design!
Redesigning your nonprofit website and other things that are sent to try us

Are you doing nonprofit graphic design on a shoestring?

What the heck is CMYK and RGB and why should you care? A guest post by Danielle Bardgette!

And more guest posts!
Christina Attard talks about how to do planned giving right!

Mary Cahalane talks about how to do a good Thank you Letter!

And of course, Fundraising!
Getting out of fundraising

3 Tips to Dramatically increase website donations

Reader Question: How do you get businesses to give you donations?

What is an appeal letter?

Are you looking for sponsors?

How do you make the case for supporting the arts?

Slacktivism is good, my response to Paul De Gregorio

Which donor database should you buy?

5 Biggest Trends in Online Fundraising

Who do you need on your board and how do you get them there?

Anatomy of An EFFECTIVE Appeal Letter

Thank you notes are so last century mom!

Thank you for reading, and for being on this journey with me! Here’s to another 3 years of fun together!

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