Wow, what happened at the AFP Conference?

I had such a good time at the AFP conference!

I got to present on Salary Negotiation for a room full of 200+ people! At first I wasn’t sure if I’d have more than 35 people there, but people started pouring in, more and more until by the end it was standing room only! And most people stayed til the end, which I thought was pretty serious praise.

We talked about phrases to use when you are asked the dreaded salary question during the interview. We covered how to negotiate when you’re in a position and you want a raise. We delved into what you can negotiate. We looked at what you should have in place before you negotiate. AND we showed how to make a boss understand that your metrics can’t just be dollars raised. We talked about how to do research on salaries in your region. PLUS we had so much good audience back and forth at the end that I really just felt like the wisdom of the room was coming to the rescue! 

Of course I brought my spear! Of course people were saying “What the hell” and I was cruising on by! Because we’ve gotta be brave and shake things up! I even gave out a mini-spear to help a person be brave in asking for a raise. This is me, tired but happy after my presentation, with Kishshana Palmer, who totally helped answer questions during the presentation, and I was so grateful to her!

Here’s me listening to a question during some group activity time. (picture also taken by Kishshana!)

Here’s me with two fantastic nonprofit consultants and friends, Kishshana Palmer of, and Shanon Doolittle of! Did we go to a coffeeshop to scheme on things to do together? WE MIGHT HAVE!

Here’s a picture of Joan Mitchell’s gestural abstraction, and me having a happy freakout about it! #artnerd! Thank you to Carrie Rice for taking me to MoMA!

I had fun, and so did a bunch of other people. Here’s what they said about my session!

“Mazarine’s presentation about negotiating your nonprofit salary at the AFP Conference in San Francisco was extraordinary. Mazarine brought contagious energy and encouragement to her session. It was a great mix of presenting and practice! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for her sessions in the future!

I’m half way through Get the Job! and I especially appreciate the interview questions to ask them! In the past, granted I’m early in my career, I’ve always assumed that I would take whatever I could get (that’s such a scarcity mindset!). Now, I’m approaching my new job search much more strategically, thanks in part to this book! Thank you!!” -Laura Day, Grantwriter

“After attending one of Mazarine’s sessions, you seriously feel invincible! Armed with Mazarine’s insight into development, I honestly started getting worried when three hours after the session had ended and I still had the biggest, stupidest, 1980’s-kid-with-a-new-trapper-keeper-even-though-I-was-born-in-the-’90’s smile that you can possibly image.

Not only was the session engaging, informative, and highly applicable, but she did something that I did not see at any other sessions at the conference – in a room of 200, in less than an hour, she made a community. A community where EVERYONE, young and old, felt comfortable to ask questions, make comments, and engage with others in the room.

Mazarine was like a group spirit guide; she provided the foundation of knowledge, and then urged us to ask ourselves questions. How can use it? Have we done something like this before? What have others done that has worked? And I think more importantly, is your current job even right for you?

I honestly could not be more grateful for her honesty and sincerity that was unparalleled at a conference of more than 3,500. She is a truly unique and inspirational figure who knows that connections formed between
colleagues is just as important as the connections we build with donors.”  -Andrea Edelman, San Mateo, CA

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