Wow! We just Finished the Fundraising Career Conference!

This is the third year of the Fundraising Career Conference- and it was so wonderful to welcome new faces, as well as having people coming back for their THIRD YEAR in a row!

Here are some comments from people attending the Fundraising Career Conference this year.

“Loved the format 🙂 I enjoyed the sharing about managing others up. Those you supervise and work with … guided discovery and awareness of their personal passions as related to both personal and professional goals. So often we just do and don’t really think about the “why I am here” often because there isn’t any time to actually process.” -Cynthia Lallo

“So many favorite presentations! I loved the first and last presentations. Really appreciate the nuanced discussion of soliciting feedback without confrontation, and of individual agency in so many challenging fundraising situations. Also–Jeffersonian Dinners…how have I never heard about these? SO MY JAM!”

“The most telling statement is that people in your org are like people in cars in traffic. They don’t hold each other in regard as people beyond the dimension of the job itself. This is what traditional management structures do. The idea of managing for career as well as the job is so much a common sense concept, but at the same time very radical. Also the “Beyond Cash” Fundraising Management Dashboard is a game-changer!”

“The best thing I learned today was that I need to just go for something if I really want it – don’t hesitate to talk to my supervisor about a title change and especially when job hunting, do not limit myself if I do not meet ALL of the qualifications.”

“Living in Hawaii … it has been wonderful to be affirmed in both my thoughts and experience. There are times when working as a consultant I ask myself “am I crazy” or “maybe I am not seeing the whole picture”. What we do simply isn’t rocket science, it’s mostly good relationship stewardship and the logistics are good business practices. it is frustrating that we keep fighting the same demons and recycling the same issues … today’s information certainly lined out some practical tangible strategies to help.”

“I learned that most nonprofits don’t understand what they need, don’t know how to interview, and don’t understand the financial ramifications of their consistently poor hiring practices.”

“Sorry to say that today I learned I am a knucklehead. Working very, very late without any real break, coming in nights and weekends, too. While I rarely feel stressed, I am giving too much of myself away. The concept of “violence” to self or from work was a true eye opener even if it is only something I share with people who are subjecting themselves to this.”

“I love this conference and wish I had learned about it a few years ago. Just the bonus materials were worth the cost of the conference. Drury’s Beyond Cash Dashboard is epic! A great part of the conference was the polls and interactive nature of many of the presentations; we learned not only from the presenter but from other attendees too. Finally, this conference has built my reading list in a very productive way. Overall, a great experience.”

“My favorite thing about this conference is that even with the range of topics and presenters, all who come with their own energy and style, they all still found a way to make their messages, relatable, adaptable, and practical. I feel like I came away from each presentation with tangible ways I can improve myself as a fundraiser, team member, and future manager. This conference is not just a worthy investment for anyone looking for a job in the fundraising world–it’s for anyone who wants to be a more well-rounded fundraiser (and human being!).” -Caitlin Wilde

“My favorite thing about this conference was the total focus on the fundraiser. It wasn’t a split focus on agency and fundraiser, but truly conference focused on the personal development of the fundraiser based on their own individual career goals and well being. I also admired the frankness of the presenters in acknowledging that sometimes the solution is to find another employer or to become a consultant.” 

“This year’s conference was so thought provoking. The speakers gave me so much to think about and work on in my career/fundraising efforts. Thanks again for caring so much about advancing the fundraising field. We are lucky to have you!!” -Jen

“Holy Smokes! What a concept. What an inspiring collaboration. Such high-value content. I was impressed. A mere “thank you” falls way short of an expression of my appreciation.” -Christine Fuller

Fundraising Career Conference
Fundraising Career Conference
Fundraising Career Conference
Fundraising Career Conference
Fundraising Career Conference
Fundraising Career Conference

Thank you so much to our sponsors, Bloomerang and CharityVillage, for their incredible sponsorship. You made it all possible this year!

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