What I learned from one year of staying home

How was 2022 radically different? I spent one year staying home. It was radically different for me.

Mazarine Treyz, a pale person with a big smile and glasses, wearing fairy wings and a orange dress, with a bunch of flowers
Just chilling at my fairy birthday party with my friends!

While people attended conferences all over the country in 2022, I stayed still. 

When my family invited me to a giant party for my grandparents 90th, I had to say no. 

When people asked me to do in-person speaking gigs, I politely declined. 

When my friend Kishshana invited me to Jamaica, when a client invited me to their gala, I had to say sorry, but I really can’t go.

And sure, I went on car trips and boat trips, but otherwise, that’s it. 

In 2022 I took more waterfall walks

It was weird. I think it’s the first year I’ve done that in… as long as I can remember.

It was always so important to me to get out, speak at conferences, see my family. 

But in 2022, I had to pause and ask myself,

Is it really worth the risk? 

And it wasn’t. Not to me. 

What did I do in a year of staying home? 

–   I went to therapy and had lots of epiphanies.
–   I cried and let go of relationships being the way I wanted them to be.
–   I took time to process and think. 
–   I went on lots of walks.
–   I saw my friends. And my family and friends came to me, which was a nice surprise.
–   I did three online conferences, which was a lot of work, but to me, it was worth it.

There are always other ways of making money, aside from being in person, risking my life and the lives of people I care about.

I know it’s a tremendous privilege to be able to say that.

But I hope this year you too can draw more boundaries about in person events, and remember COVID isn’t over.    

Now with the new COVID surge I commit to inviting you to online events only this year.

Because I want you to stay safe too. 

What did I learn from staying home?  

In 2022 I confronted myself.

  1. I learned about ease and moving slowly.
  2. I learned more about white supremacy and how I could do better.
  3. I learned about trauma bonding and boundaries.
  4. I learned not to wait for people to change.

2022 was a year of contemplation.

I incorporated this contemplation time into my coaching. A lot of my coaching revolves around boundaries, and helping people with asking for more.

If you’re interested in having better boundaries this year, learning how to ask for more, and take your power back, I’d love to have you join us in the Asking for More mastermind

Curious? Let’s chat.


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