Nonprofit Leadership Roundup

Are you wondering how to be a better nonprofit leader?

A lot of us just get thrown into leadership, sometimes with no nonprofit background at all.

There are so many different aspects to nonprofit leadership! Here’s one way to categorize it.

According to Noel Tischy, good leaders have ideas, values and emotional energy that activates people around them. When you are having leadership issues, which one is usually your problem? Is it coming up with ideas that activate people? Is it articulating the values behind the day-to-day work? Is it motivating the energy of your team?

If you’re on a board, how does this apply to you?

Here are some Nonprofit Board Ideas

How to get your board to start fundraising, TONIGHT -With Andy Robinson, board fundraising guru and author of many books about board leadership. This interview tells you everything you might want to know from the author of “Train Your Board (and everyone else) to Fundraise.”

Get more out of your board meeting with this ONE idea.

2 exercises to do at your next board meeting to help your nonprofit grow. 

What’s your Board Energy?

Is it going through the motions and tired? Or is it engaged and passionate? Or somewhere in between, depending on who shows up?

2 things that make your board members work harder for you,

Why your board is not motivated and what you can do about it. Andy Robinson gives quick advice about how you can help your board get more excited to work with you.

8 ways to be a good board member

How to motivate board members! Interview with Simone Joyaux, author of “Firing Lousy Board Members (and helping other ones succeed).” Simone Joyaux AdvDip, is a governance expert.

There’s nonprofit executive leadership

If you’re an executive director, founder, Chief Development Officer or CEO, here are some leadership Ideas to help you get more out of your team. 

Here are 8 things you need to be a good nonprofit leader

Managing and Motivating others, Part 1 Are you managing people by their strengths? What does this mean? Learn more in this 3 part series.

Managing and Motivating Others, Part 2

Managing and Motivating Others, Part 3

How to be an executive director,  an interview with Executive Director Sue Thornton

How to be Chief Development Officer an interview with Lisa Avra, Chief Development Officer

Senior Leadership Energy

How well do you articulate the vision of your organization, tell the story and sell the values that draw you all together?

If you don’t have trust, you can’t get people to follow you. And if you can’t get people to follow you, how can you be a leader? Here are 13 behaviors to build trust.

And there’s leading on the ground. 

If you’re a Development Director, or any other kind of nonprofit staff person, you can be a leader right now. Here are some Nonprofit Development Leadership Values

What would it take to make your fundraising 100% more effective?

Here’s why we have a crisis of nonprofit leadership-based on research by Marc Pitman of the Concord Leadership Group, the UnderDeveloped Report, and more.

Nonprofit Development Leadership Ideas

6 tips to be a better nonprofit manager

So You Want to Lead a Nonprofit Part 1

So You Want to Lead a Nonprofit Part 2

This is one of my most popular posts- A How to Grade Your Boss Checklist-How do YOU score?

Nonprofit Development Leadership Energy

Do you ever feel unmotivated? Or maybe have a hard time motivating volunteers or interns or board development committees? How do you get things going again?

7 things to do when your fundraiser is not performing. Here are some key conversations you can have, some questions you can ask and some ways to take positive steps to turn the ship around!

How to motivate your fundraising team more effectively-You definitely need to read this interview with Kishshana Palmer, MBA. Not only is she a BoardSource certified trainer, she has built fundraising teams for large and small organizations, and her model has helped underperforming teams take it to the next level.

Octavia Butler on Leadership These are some fun quotes from Octavia Butler, sci-fi writer, on leadership.

Generations in the workplace can be difficult to manage. That’s why you should throw out some things you might be assuming about Gen Y. Who do you think you’re talking to? How to manage Gen Y

If you want to learn more about motivating, leadership ideas and energy, join us at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit on September 18, 20 and 22nd, 2017.

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