All of the Nonprofit Leadership Ideas!

I have taken a greater interest in leadership this year. This is me teaching how to build trust, deliberately, at your nonprofit job, to the Women in Philanthropy group in Holyoke, MA, in November 2017.

Why leadership?

Well, because our fundraiser turnover problem leads to our donor retention problem, which is under our nonprofit workplace culture problem, But all of this is REALLY stemming from leadership. (AND the overarching problem of the 3 pillars of white supremacy).

The fish rots from the head, so they say, so I’m learning everything I can about nonprofit leadership, so that we can do better, every day, to create the kind of world we want to live in, not just with our missions, but inside our day-to-day lives at our nonprofits.

This should be our legacy- not pointing the finger at the world, but first asking ourselves, are we TRULY living our values, cherishing our people, and making their world better, so they can help others?

If not, then we have work to do!If you want to be a better nonprofit leader, we would love to support you on your journey. Check out these posts below. If you want more, we offer the Nonprofit Leadership Summit every year, and you can also click here to contact us to set up a time to talk.

Becoming a Better Manager

Which solutions focused questions can you ask today?ROUNDUP: How to become a good fundraising managerSo You Want to Lead a Nonprofit Part 1
So You Want to Lead a Nonprofit Part 2Managing and Motivating others, Part 1
Managing and Motivating Others, Part 2
Managing and Motivating Others, Part 3
How to be an executive director14 Interview Questions for Executive Directors
How to be Chief Development Officer23 Fundraising Career Mistakes I hope you won’t make
Octavia Butler on Leadership
12 Tips on How to Be A Good Nonprofit Leader, Shackleton Style!

Female Leadership

Let’s hear it for Asian Female Nonprofit Leaders!Let us Now Praise Black Female Nonprofit Leaders!How Can We Empower Women to Lead Nonprofits?Does Your Nonprofit have a Gender Asbestos Problem?Are You Attacked for Your Fashion? Gender Bias at WorkHow to get out of a workaholic rut?

Board Member Relationships

8 ways to be a good board member
Who do you need on your board, and how can you get them there?
Grab that rusty board member and heave-ho matey!Nonprofit Governance, What’s Your Flavor?How to Make Your Board More Effective with Andy RobinsonYIKES! Whatever you do, don’t do THIS at your board meeting!2 Exercises You Can Do with Your Board Tonight to help your nonprofit growWhy Your Board is Not Motivated and What You Can Do About ItHow to do a better board training with Andy Robinson

Hiring Staff

One startling simple tactic that stops hiring bias coldWhat happens when you don’t pay a living wage
What would it take to make your fundraising 100% more effective?
Is there a lot of dead wood in your office?Donor Sexual Harrassment and what to do about itFiring your development director?The Secret Damage You Might Be Doing to Your Nonprofit Career Right NowMoving Up In Your Nonprofit, How Does It Work?Reverse Sexism in Fundraising is Not a Thing, SorryWhat the Hiring Manager Looks for in FundraisingHow to get into fundraising from sales or marketingCHECKLIST: How to Grade Your BossNonprofit Leadership Roundup

Motivating Staff

6 tips to be a better nonprofit manager
Do you really want to grow?
Who do you think you’re talking to? How to manage Gen Y
6 Questions to get the best performance out of your teamDo you need to hire a Development Director?
Strengths in Fundraising WorkMotivating and Managing with your strengths13 Behaviors to Start Building Trust at Your Organization6 Circles that will Change Your World-This chart shows you Hidden Workplace DynamicsThis ONE THING Makes Us InefficientBook Review: Mindset, the New Psychology of Success


Positive management- How to inspire your team with Kishshana Palmer8 Characteristics of a Good Fundraising Leader with Peter DruryExclusive Interview with Kim Klein, nonprofit author, editor, publisher, consultant, and grassroots fundraiser
What is Fundraising the SMART Way and how does it work? With Ellen BristolWhy do we lose 50% of our donors every year? with Ellen BristolDo You Want to Create New Income Streams for Your Nonprofit?2017 InterviewsThe Crisis of Nonprofit Leadership with Marc PitmanWhy is there a revolving door? One little word. Interview With Marc PitmanScenario Planning with Erik AndersonYou Can’t Help Our World if People Can’t Hear You with Claire AxelradWhat can we expect at the federal level for nonprofits? with Jennifer Chandler of the National Council for NonprofitsWhat Now? With Ellen Bristol, author of Fundraising the SMART WayThe Opportunity that Nonprofits have NOW with Andy RobinsonWhat to do in times of turmoil with Jeff Schreifels of Veritus Group

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