It’s a Beautiful 2015 Nonprofit Annual Report

I got this SWEET annual report that I just had to share with you! On the envelope, it said:  “Mazarine, I’ve been reading your blog taking your webinars and trying to incorporate some of your suggestions into this impact report. Thank you for all your help!” -Juliane McLean

This is my face thinking, “I did something right with my life.” 🙂
Simplified pie charts plus a quick program story? I’m in love!

This story from Maddie says, “Teen Clinic is awesome! I was completely comfortable when I went and the provider gave me all the info pertinent to my questions. I also like Teen Clinic because it is free for teens and other services offered at Bridgecare are extremely affordable because of their sliding fee scale. I don’t have to worry about a huge bill, which makes my visits stress free and easy.”

Check this out, problem to solution, showing what the nonprofit is doing!

They had depressing statistics, but then they had exactly how they were solving the problem, which I thought was EXTREMELY effective.

They wrote, “70% of Transgender patients and 56% of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual patients report being denied appropriate health care at some point in their lives.”

Then they wrote, “Our response/ Respect. We welcome all patients regardless of gender identity, expression and sexual orientation. With your help, a Pride Foundation grant and training from the Gender Expansion Project, we’ve been expanding our LGBT service. We’ve been updating our forms and outreach materials with more inclusive language. We’ve been training providers to offer LGBT competent healthcare. And we’re thrilled to expand Transgender healthcare services in FY 2016 with your support. Thank you for helping us build a more accepting community.”

They wrote, “64.2% of Montana high school seniors report being sexually active. Less than half of them used a condom the last time they had sex.”

“Our response/ EDUCATION

Part of your donations funded our weekly walk-in Teen Clinic. You’ve created a safe space for teens to ask questions and receive accurate information. Teens received education about puberty, birth control, pregnancy, STIs, healthy relationships and more. All healthcare services are free, confidential and provide a safety net for all teens. For FY 2016, Teen clinic is 50% funded by a $35,000 grant from the Stranahan Foundation. Can you help make up the difference? ”

Gotta love these infographics! Well done Bridgercare!

Even the infographics are donor centric. It says, “How many people did you help access essential reproductive healthcare services and education last year? (Over 10,000 patient visits) You helped provide patients with $416,170 worth of free medical services”

Bridgercare took my annual report webinars and then sent me their annual report! Nice cover!

So aside from the design, was the writing any good?


Their letter from the director was short, sweet, and totally donor centric!

“With your support, Bridgercare provided services to almost 5,000 patients last year. Because of your generosity, we didn’t have to turn anyone away. Thank you for making financial and in-kind gifts toward our programs. Thank you for volunteering your time and skills and serving on our board. Thank you for attending the vents and spreading the word. You’re creating a healthier community by helping us reach more Montanans in need. Enjoy these stories of people you’ve helped! P.S. Please consider making a gift to Bridgercare today. Thank you.”

Story of a board member? NICE! It highlights Karen Black, owner of VCS, Inc. She says, “Knowledge is power. That’s why Bridgercare’s educational outreach is so vital to our community’s youth. We have the knowledge to pass on to our young people which gives them the power to make healthy, responsible, confident sexual health care decisions. This is why it’s so important to me to support Bridgercare now and in the future. Please join me and consider making a gift today.”

Story of another kind of supporter, Esther Nickelson, someone who has received services and who now wants to give back? HOW EFFECTIVE!

She writes, “Through college at MSU, I was a patient at Bridgercare and later a volunteer and clinical assistant. Then, I fulfilled my practicum to complete my Masters of Public Health at Bridgercare last summer. Bridgercare has a special place in my heart and I always donate when I’m seen as a patient. It is through the influence of several Bridgercare providers that I am applying to a Master’s of Nursing program in the Bay Area.”

Oh yeah, and they enclosed a pretty sweet remit envelope too! 🙂 With Patient Testimonials ALL ON THE OUTSIDE!  I am seriously impressed, this is some genius level creativity here.

It says, “Thank you for making a difference in our patients lives! And the testimonials from patients says, “Bridgercare is the best clinic of its kind out of the several states I have lived, worked and studied”

“You guys are so professional and make this an easy experience especially for first-timers! Thanks for what you do for our community!”

“I’ve always felt welcome, comfortable and supported here. I have moved away from Bozeman twice and always come back to Bridgercare when I return.”

“Bridgercare has helped m a lot in the past years and they care and don’t judge. You feel comfortable every time you come in. I love Bridgercare. They’re like my family. I can be open and tell them anything.”

This is how you do it! Nonprofits, take note!

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