Interview with Erik Anderson

If you’re a nonprofit who has been wondering how to adjust your plans with so much uncertainty, you DEFINITELY want to listen to this interview.

Recently I decided that I couldn’t keep this incredible person to myself anymore, I just HAD to share Erik Anderson of the Healthy Nonprofit with you. When I first talked with him earlier this year, I realized that he had something that I lacked-namely, a deep understanding of organizational development and planning and how to create systems to help your nonprofit succeed.

His perspective is informed by a wide ranging background. Erik Anderson works with nonprofits all over the country-in West Texas, in Illinois, in Indiana, in Florida, and a lot of midwestern states. He specifically usually works with Boys and Girls clubs. He is a former Executive Director for a Boys and Girls Club. He also has two degrees in Urban Planning. He loves to plan, and he loves to help other people make plans.

Erik Anderson will be teaching you how to make contingency or scenario plans at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit. I’m particularly excited to hear his session, as Erik knows so many ways to plan that can benefit us now, with uncertainty in government funding affecting nearly every area of the nonprofit sector.

In this video I got so excited that I also showed off my HUGE biceps-so… stay tuned for that! hahaha. Plus some serious raise the roof action later on in the video-because I agree with him so wholeheartedly.

Watch this interview (or listen) and learn:

–What effects are you seeing on nonprofits right now?
–If you have a government contract or grant-what’s the problem?
–How are nonprofits coping with these changes?
–Are you seeing nonprofits adjusting their plans, and if so, how so?
–What can we do if our plans are no longer valid? If too much has changed? What’s the solution?
–What should nonprofits focus on?
–Why should we get swole for the revolution?
–What should we be focusing our fundraising on, NOW?

If you want to learn how to depend less on government funding, if you want to learn how to get a broader base of support, and if you want to learn how to PLAN for different scenarios that you might encounter in the next several years, then you DEFINITELY want to come to this session with Erik Anderson at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit.

And Erik Anderson is one of 10+ presenters at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit, all of whom want to help you thrive during this uncertain time.

Join us at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit this September to learn from Erik Anderson on how you can adjust your plans so no matter WHAT happens, you are able to respond wisely to anything life throws your way.

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