What do you Want MORE of in 2015?

Here we are! 2015!

It’s been a wild ride to be here.

Now that we’re in the new year,

What do you want more of in 2015?

5 things. Go!

1. 100% MORE ART in 2015.

I want to make more art in 2015. I made a few pieces of art this year, some shrinkydink art, some felting, some encaustic paintings, and some encaustic monotypes.

And I want to see more art too.

Here are some pictures from a recent show I went to at the ICA in Boston on Fiber art. These pieces are by Elsi Giauque, Xenobia Bailey, and others.

Art by Xenobia Bailey

2. I want more trips to the beach. Yep! I think I had two of those this year. I love walking in the sand-it seems to discharge all of the built up static electricity in my body.

In 2015? Let’s make it 4. It’s only 2 hours away. Come on!


3. I want more publishing books!

This last year the importance of self care has come more and more to the fore in my life. And I think maybe you have seen a trend in my writing too on this. So I’ve decided to come together with a crack team of women and write this book about self care. Each person is responsible for a chapter. So far I’ve got chapters from Sheena Greer of Colludo, Vanessa Chase of The Storytelling Nonprofit, and Pearl Waldorf of Pearl Waldorf Counseling. There are a few more in the works and I can’t wait to see them!

We will publish the nonprofit self care book in 2015.

Why this book? Why now?

Because I’ve seen that we need to unshackle ourselves from the neurotic narratives of productivity in a spiritually-collapsed materialist society-and we can’t do it without strategies and naming and claiming what’s going on!

This book is gonna rock! 🙂 I can’t wait to share it with you.


4. I want more dance!

I did not dance at all this year, except for once. So… I need to go to and find some once a week! 🙂 I have some new dance friends that I can’t wait to go dancing with! It will happen in 2015!

5. I want more good health through yoga and diet!

I was good at going to yoga once a week or so this year-but I want to get there more than once a week. Twice a week! New goal! Okay! 🙂 I’ve found this little tool called the half foam roller that helps so much in being flexible and open in the day to day.

I’m also following the Heart Beets Holistic Health Coach’s Candida Starvation and Murder Plan now and it’s had such a positive effect on my health. I can’t wait to share more with you about what I’ve learned-but if you want to see how it went for someone else, check out Bevin Brandlandingham’s post on her health journey with Coach Vic!

It’s been fantastic.

What do you want less of in 2015?

1. I want less stressing out about money. I think we probably all want this-but I think it’s a big part of what makes us keep running ourselves ragged-the feeling that if we stop, breathe, take a breath, our lives will get away from us. You have to ask yourself, am I going to get more money through worrying about it, right now? Worrying never got you anything.

2. I want less screwing around on the internet instead of calling people up and saying hi. So, I hate to admit this about myself, but it needs to be said. I waste time on the internet-and it’s like there is no point in doing this. Seriously. I think I say this every year but I think I cut down a little more each year-and I want to keep cutting down. Biggest culprit this year? TUMBLR. OH GOD. WHY. Tumblr. It’s such a waste of time. Basically I want more relationships, and less time looking at meaningless images, trying to find a funny joke. Waste of time!

3. I want less flaking out and being late to hang out with my friends. I want to be there when I say I’m going to be there. That just means stepping out a little sooner. My friends deserve better.


4. I want less endless dithering on what’s wrong with the world and I want more action. I want less whining and complaining and more people turning to nonprofits and government for solutions.  I want more people to volunteer with nonprofits. I want more support for volunteer coordinators, whether that’s your title or not. More radical social movements. Less social justice shitty cupcakes.  Can we make this happen?

Elsi Giauque

5.  I want less assumptions about other people. Yep. I want to ask more questions and not assume things about people. So… I need to work on asking questions. What sort of questions do you like to ask about people?


What do YOU want more of?

What do YOU want less of?

I’d love to know!

Please write me a comment!

Happy New Year to You!

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