Useful Marketing Questions from the Social Media Bible

I’ve been reading this big silver book, the Social Media Bible, and it really has a comprehensive list of how you can market your business (or nonprofit) through social media.

If you are in charge of or collaborate with nonprofit marketing at your organization, ask yourself these simple questions.

How do we communicate?

How do we measure it?

What lifestyle trends or factors affect our donors?

Do we seek feedback? How?

Do we collaborate with our donors? How?

Our donors love us because:

Our donors dislike us because:

Our donors like other nonprofits in our cause area more because:

What do they do better?

Do donors rely on us to educate them?

On what?

How are we currently doing this?

Once you have identified the basics of your current marketing plan, start to think about identifying your audience for your new marketing plan.

1. Demonstrated behaviors – What do people do?

2. Self reported behaviors – What do people SAY that they do?

3. Attitudes, Values and Beliefs -Lifestyle – What are some things that people value in your community? What attitudes do they have? What beliefs would make them give or not give to your nonprofit?

4. Needs and Preferences – What do people need in your community? Are they craving connection? Do they want to help someone and see or hear that it made a difference?

5. Demographic Data – What are the zip codes where you get most of your donors? Where are some zip codes that have a lot of wealthy people? Could you get some demographic details from your local SBA or chamber of commerce?

6. Professional, Social & Service Orgs they belong to – Do your donors belong to the VFW? The American Legion? The Moose Lodge? A Mosque? A Synagogue? Do they look to these groups to help provide them with opportunities to give and to volunteer? How can you get a speaking engagement at some of the organizations that they belong to?

7. Influencers and Promoters – Who are some influential people in your community? Look at the Book of Lists from the Business Journal. Other ways to find this out include looking at the biggest charities, community organizations, and corporations in your community, and finding out who their top leaders are.

8. Creating Audience Personas – Look through your database. How much information do you track about people? Do you track how they heard about you? Do you track some of the organizations they belong to? Do you track their demographic data? If you start to gather this information, you can start to create a persona of your current donor base. Once you’ve narrowed down who currently gives to your nonprofit, and who you would like to give to your nonprofit, you can create audience personas.

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