She knows how to get a $12K raise: Interview with Elaine Lou Cartas

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Are you looking to be more assertive in your work? Elaine Lou Cartas, first generation female fundraiser, helps us see how to be more assertive in asking for a gift, as well as how to have those challenging conversations at work to help you move ahead!

Check out this interview with Elaine Lou Cartas and let me know what you think in the comments!

My biggest takeaway from this interview was: Conflict is an opportunity!

You’ve got to check out her scripts for salary negotiation, AND her raise script too! She has

– 8 word-to-word scripts to have challenging conversations
– Salary raise script she used to get a $12k raise in 20 minutes

Some questions we answer in this short interview are:

1. What unique challenges do first generation women face in the nonprofit workplace?

2. How have you personally been challenged and what did you learn from it?

3. When you look at our profession, what do you see?

4. When leaders try to retain first generation women, what do you see them do? What do you think works? What do you think doesn’t work?

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Here’s a raise conversation script you can use in salary negotiation

“Thank you for taking time to talk with me today. I really enjoy being part of our team and appreciate your coaching in helping me become a strong contributor. I’m especially proud of the role I’ve played in helping exceed the fundraising goals for _ which is a high priority for ___.

I’d like to talk with you today about my increasing role and responsibilities within the team and how that is reflected in my salary. According to my research, the market rate for a with my education and demonstrated skill set in the region is $__ – $______ per year. I’d like to be considered for a raise that will bring me into this range.”

(Note: You are currently and make $________)

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