NOW: What Advocacy Messaging Should Be

We just had an incredible COVID19 messaging webinar this last week, and I wanted to share with you what people said.

Many of us are scared for our jobs. Many of us are tense, anxious, crying, optimistic, worried, and more.

LOTS of us are wondering if we can fundraise right now. YES you can.

Before you think of asking your donors for money though, PLEASE make a call to your senator and representative to advocate for nonprofits. Here’s how you can do it.

We MUST advocate for federal government money NOW.

  • Because donor money is not going to last. Economic wheels are winding down, and a stimulus of $1200 is not nearly enough.
  • In the US there’s a bill on the floor for $60 Billion, and if we all put pressure on our elected officials, and rally our supporters to advocate, we can give them a meaningful action to take before we ask, as well as hopefully getting enough money to last us out during the crisis.

Key provisions that the US nonprofit sector is rallying around include: 

  • Explicit nonprofit eligibility for emergency funding of $60B,
  • Improvements to the above-the-line charitable deduction (a petition you can sign onto is here),
  • Nonprofit eligibility in small business loan programs (more here).

With so much at stake, I strongly urge you to write your US Senators and Representatives by clicking those links to find your officeholders.

When contacted elected officials, the messaging is simple:

“I want you to understand what this pandemic is doing to the ability of the people I work with and their ability to serve their clients and your constituents.”

To help these electeds understand the true impact, tell a story about a person or pet you serve.

Close with something like, “I urge you to include the policy solutions proposed by the nonprofit community in any COVID-19 relief and stimulus legislation.”  

Congress is seriously considering a number of very good proposals in response to the economic collapse caused by this pandemic, including cancelling student debt.

But they are also considering terrible proposals like bailing out casinos, banks and oil companies.

It is imperative that we all call our Senators and Representative today and tell them to bailout the people and that any economic stimulus package MUST #CancelStudentDebt

Call 202-224-3121 and ask the switchboard to connect you to your Senators and Representative. You will need to call three times to talk to all three. Don’t know who your Rep is? That’s okay, just tell the switchboard what your zip code is and they will connect you.

After you make your three phone calls, use this tool to send them a quick email.

Send your Reps an email

We don’t know what will happen yet, but one proposal is to temporarily stop all student debt collection. If that happens it is safe for everyone to join the student debt strike.

Do you want your nonprofit to exist one year from now? If so, do everything you can to advocate for a complete forgiveness of:

  1. Taxes
  2. Student Debt
  3. Mortgages
  4. Utility bills

and a stimulus of $2000/month for every American.

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