New Charity Village Salary Survey Highlights

Jen Ross (Director, Marketing) of Charity Village was kind enough to answer a few of these questions for me about CharityVillage’s new 2017 salary survey.

Charity Village hasn’t done a salary survey since 2013, but this survey promises to be a useful one for Canadian fundraisers, ESPECIALLY when negotiating your current or future salary.

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If you’d like to read more about their survey, just go here.

Mazarine Treyz: What is the main difference between your 2013 salary survey and the 2017 survey?

Jen Ross: The 2017 Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary and Benefits Study is the 4th survey we have undertaken. The results in this year’s study show that average compensation for all management levels has increased since 2013, while compensation for functional and program staff and support staff has held steady. The most significant increase, 15% since 2013, was among management/ supervisory staff.

The 2017 study was undertaken in the same format as the 2013 study. Compensation was evaluated by job level, organizational characteristics (such as type of nonprofit, jurisdiction, revenue, number of employees), demographics (age, education) and experience of employees. The report also includes information on performance incentives and employment benefits including health, retirement, education and other perquisites.

One notable difference in the 2017 report from previous reports is the inclusion of tables showing compensation by staff position (job titles) and department.

MT: Are you seeing a significant increase in fundraiser salaries in 2017?

JR: This is difficult to say definitively, as previous studies did not report on specific job tiles. However, fundraising positions typically fall within “Level 3: Senior Management” and “Level 4: Management/Supervisory Staff” categories in our study. Both levels saw increases in 2017, with the latter showing a 15% increase in compensation since 2013. Fundraising job titles reported on in the report within these levels include: Senior Fundraising Manager, Director of Fundraising, Fundraising Manager, Manager Donor Relations, Manager of Major Gifts. The report includes some information on compensation for specific staff positions by organization type and region.

MT: Are you seeing an increase in benefits and pensions for 2017 as part of the total salary compensation package?

JR: Benefits including health, retirement, education, automobile and perquisites remain relatively unchanged from previous reports.

MT: In your opinion is there more pressure to have pensions and more benefits and less precarious work as a result of the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s decent work initiative?

JR: Without a doubt, we are supportive of the ONN’s Decent Work Initiative and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the sector. I believe that studies subsequent to the 2017 Canadian Nonprofit Sector Salary and Benefits Study will show this positive impact.

If you’d like to purchase the CharityVillage 2017 salary survey, just go here.

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