Let’s Plan for your Fundraising Success in 2015!

Have you ever wanted to stop running around trying to do too many things at once?

Do you wish you could have a more relaxed working life?

When you plan your fundraising, you know what’s coming up, and you can achieve more, and have a less stressful job!

Do you wish you’d brought in more money over the last year?

Are you wondering how to make a bigger impact in 2015?

A fundraising plan can help you plan to succeed, by laying out your goals and working backwards.

Have you ever wished for more direction in your fundraising program?

Have you just been thrown to the wolves, with no one to lead you?

A fundraising plan can guide you into taking little bites out of the big tasks that are on your plate every day!


Have you ever made a fundraising plan?

If you’ve made a fundraising plan, has it been laying in a drawer, ignored, as you put out the multiple fires at your organization?

Do you just watch deadlines blow by, or feel demotivated by impossible goals set from above?

I’ve been there, in those endless “strategy” or “Strategic planning” meetings with those consultants that don’t seem to know how to help the planning STICK.

The people who train your team who pretend that the barriers of no training and not enough people to implement just don’t exist. Or the people who don’t know how bad the relationship between you and senior leadership has gotten. How the very act of making a plan seems laughable when you don’t know how long you’re going to be there.

But you still want to help bring in relationships and money for your cause.

You still want to do your best as long as you’re there.

How can you make a fundraising plan so that you can be less stressed at your job, and bring in better relationships and more money for your cause?

It’s almost 2015. Wouldn’t you like next year to be better than this year?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

How can you make a real, living fundraising plan that will be something you can use?

It’s time to take control of your fundraising plan for 2015.

In this four week e-course, you’ll learn how to assess where you are, look ahead to see where you want to be, make your short and sweet fundraising plan, and then execute that plan.

We’ll go in depth about how to get people to help you implement your plan, so you’re not just going it alone as usual. We’ll talk about how to find new donors.

There will be worksheets, templates, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get answers.

You’ll learn how to create that stewardship and communications calendar that will make your nonprofit stand out from the thousands of nonprofits around you, who are also trying to raise funds.

In this 4 week e-course, you’ll learn:

Week 1: All about YOU!Where are you at? What HAVE you been doing?What do you want to improve about your current program?Getting your board engaged with fundraising planningThe problem with eventsThe Catch-22 with government grants
Week 2: Where do you want to be? Setting your goalsHow many appeals per year?Planning Annual CampaignsStarting Major GiftsFinding New Donors StrategiesCreating Earned income streamsMarketing earned income streams
Week 3: Making your short sweet fundraising planHow one document can tell you everything you need to knowPlanning your stewardship activitiesStarting a communications calendarStarting a grants calendarStarting an individual solicitation calendarGetting help creating your plan from staff and board
Week 4: Putting your plan into actionPlanning backwardsMaking small steps out of big projectsGetting the help you need: Staff, Board, and VolunteersRecruiting and training volunteers to help you fundraise

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Tell me what you want to plan!

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