How to Get me to Come Speak for You!

Would you like me to come speak for you but are not sure if you can afford my fee?

If you’re ready to book me right now, just give me a call at 503-673-3863 or email me at and tell me what you’re working on. 

If you’re not sure if you can afford me, let’s talk. It can be challenging to make the important work we do financially sustainable. If my standard fee seems out of your budget, consider the following ways to cover my speaking fee. 


If you can share me with another organization or school in your area, your fee can be reduced. This way my empowering message reaches more people, and you save money. It can also support you in community building. I’m easy to promote to decision makers for professional organizations, community groups, schools, wellness programs and well, any company that cares about its employees. Just forward them my speaker sheet or a link to and share your plan. Consider combining your conference with other organizations in the area, such as a nonprofit association. Share the costs and broaden the audience. Schools, in particular, often host speakers, and are grateful for compelling suggestions. Individual departments are also possibilities; my work is popular in a diverse range of departments, including Nonprofit Centers, Continuing Education, Marketing, and more.

Build community

Contact local business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, or businesses that have a health or social responsibility mission. Ask for the owner, CEO or Community Services Department, and present them with a win-win situation: should they sponsor the event, you’ll return the favor by publicly recognizing their support. Reflect on other speakers, fairs, or events that have been in your area before, and look on their websites to see who sponsored them.

Grant funding

There are many foundations that want to help nonprofits be more self sufficient with fundraising. A session from me can help the nonprofits in your area get less dependent on grants! Perhaps an association of grantmakers in your state or region would be willing to host an event for all grantees? Ask around. 

Charge fees

Consider charging participants a fee and make this into a workshop, expanding beyond your membership. I can support you in qualifying for CFRE credits. I have received them for the last 2 years and would be happy to see if we could get them for this workshop or keynote.

Advocate with Parent Organization

Lobby your parent organization to have me keynote a conference, making the message available to a larger audience.

Sell books

I can make it possible for you to purchase my books at my author’s discount (60% of cover price, plus shipping). You can then sell them for full cost, which will help you generate income as well as support participants in delving into the ideas more deeply. Unsold books can be returned for credit.


Solicit donations.

Hold a raffle or auction. Consider these prizes:

• A meal with me, or an invitation to a small cocktail gathering. The cost of an inexpensive meal or cocktails can be offset by generous donation. Set a minimum donation amount higher than anticipated costs to ensure profitability.

• Signed books. My books include: The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising, Get the Job, Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, and The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media. 

Use volunteer energy

Forget cabs; have your members drive me to and from the venue, to and from the airport. Plus we could go to dinner together! I love doing this. This can also be an auctionable opportunity.

Incentive packages

Explore deals with hotels, restaurants and attractions. Many will throw in perks if you refer enough people to them. For example, if enough event participants book hotel rooms, the hotel may give you free rooms, which you can use to defray travel costs for a speaker, or they may credit you for event expenses.


Below is sample language for a cooperative event request, which you can modify to introduce yourself to others and propose a cooperative venture. 

Sample Language for a Cooperative Event

In our efforts to help educate our community about fundraising, we would like to hire Mazarine Treyz to provide training. Mazarine Treyz is a highly acclaimed fundraiser, workplace advocate and author who… What drew us to her is…

We don’t have the full resources to bring Ms Treyz to speak, and we want you to consider co-sponsoring her seminar. To bring her here would cost us $_____. Of this we’re able to cover $_____.

You can find out more information about Ms. Treyz by visiting Please let us know if this something you would consider, and thanks so much for your time!

Other ideas?

Please contact Mazarine if you have other creative funding ideas to share, or to brainstorm additional possibilities.

Are you psyched?  Just give me a call at 503-673-3863 or email me at and tell me what you’re working on. 

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