How to get a million dollar sponsorship

Have you ever wondered how to walk in and get a million dollar sponsorship?

I just watched The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and Morgan Spurlock shares with us this process of getting his movie sponsored.

He first goes to ad agencies to figure out how they work with big corporations, and ask them if they would introduce him to their clients. He doesn’t have much luck with the big agencies, but through the client of a friend of his who works at an ad agency, he does get to have his first real success.

Lesson 1: Sponsorship comes from personal relationships. Definitely. And it’s still definitely sales.

Here’s his video pitching POM Wonderful for a million dollar title sponsorship, which they went for.



Lesson 2: Create boards based around the company brand to help them see how their brand fits with the story of your event.

What is this like from the sponsor’s point of view?

Here’s Hyatt talking about how they decided to work with Morgan Spurlock, what their agenda was, and how they decided to take the risk of working with him.



Lesson 3: It has to make sense from their brand perspective. If you don’t know your nonprofit’s brand attributes, it’s good to work with an ad agency, to help discover them.

Do you have any other tips for getting hundreds of thousands in sponsorships?

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