How to Find 90 Donors in the Next Month

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This last December, we found 92 donors in 30 days.

How did we do it?

I would like to share how we did it.

Since 2011, I’ve helped nonprofits find hundreds of donors through my webinars, and in 2013 I premiered this course, Secrets of Finding New Donors.

People have told me they have found many more donors through this course.

Normally this course is $107. I’m offering it now at a $20 discount of $87 until February 28th. Go here to get your discount now.

Making your fundraising goal is nice, but we can’t concentrate too much on numbers to the exclusion of people. Fundraising is about relationships and when we forget that, it all falls apart.

Kim Klein, the former editor of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, says, “I don’t want a gift, I want a giver.”

So how do you find more givers?

How can you find more givers for your donor giving circle?

You may say, “Well, I don’t know any rich people who could become donors” but you don’t need to know rich people.

Did you know that the most generous people are statistically those who make under $100,000 per year?


You already know people in your community who could donate to your nonprofit.

And this course shows you how to find them.

Are you worried that most of your donors are inactive?

This e-course shows you how to find new donors and cultivate your existing

You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively to your donors, build your email list and more.

The Secrets of Keeping Your Donors e-course is a smart investment in your fundraising program.


Because did you know that over 72% of funding comes from individuals?

According to GivingUSA’s yearly report, between 72%-75% of money every year comes from individuals.

When you follow the tips outlined in the Secrets of Finding NewDonors e-course, you’ll learn how to develop new donor relationships.

What will you learn in Secrets of Finding New Donors?

Week 1: Places to find new donors offline

  • How to have a successful speaking engagement for more donors
  • 9 new places to find donors offline
  • Buying potential donor mailing lists: How do you vet the list?
  • Churches and other faithbased institutions
  • Smart partnerships with complementary service providers

Week 2: Creating Donors From Your Volunteers

  • Making a special appeal to volunteers
  • Volunteers and Workplace giving
  • Asking volunteers to make connections for you
  • Stewarding your volunteers towards larger gifts

Week 3: Finding New Corporate Donors

  • Finding the most charitable corporations
  • Creating connections that lead to long term relationships
  • Sponsorships and so much more

Week 4: Finding New Donors Online

  • What are 4 effective ways of building your email list?
  • When to email and mail your list?
  • How often to mail and email your list?
  • Touching your potential donors multiple times
  • How does transparency raise you more money?

The following bonus materials are also included with this E-course

1. Diagram to help you find new donors
2. Sample compelling online form to help you build your email list, PLUS
3. Ebook of Templates to thank donors and make it meaningful
4. PLUS: A recorded webinar on finding new donors ($87 value)
5. AND a Recorded webinar on KEEPING your donors once you find them.
($77 value)

What is an E-course?

An e-course is written material, sent to you every week, in a printable format. It will also include a recorded webinar. We created this format so that you can go at your own pace, and fit the e-course into your busy schedule. Want to see what the e-course looks like? Here’s a free sample for you.

Is it live?

One person asked, is it a live webinar that I’ll need to login to attend? It is not a live webinar. Because of everyone’s busy schedules, we are making this e-course of written material, plus a couple recorded webinars, so that you can learn this information exactly when it is convenient for you.

How long will the course take me to complete?

The course will take roughly 2 hours a week. There’s also two recorded webinars that may take a little more time.

Will there be printable materials?

Yes! Every week you will get an email with an attached pdf that you can print and put into a binder.

Will there be any opportunities to ask questions?

Absolutely! You can email me unlimited emails for the duration of the course.

Will there be practice exercises to complete?

Yes, there will be practice exercises to complete. I include worksheets and templates in all of my webinars and e-courses. I believe that if you apply your learning instantly, then it sticks!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES! If you are not satisfied for any reason, I offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.

About the trainer:

Mazarine Treyz, BA, (Bard College), is the author of the popular Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising. Her book was named as one of the Top 10 books of 2010 by Beth Kanter, CEO of Zoetica and author of The Networked Nonprofit.In 2003 Mazarine wrote her first grants for Indonesian nonprofit Yayasan Emmanuel. In 2005 she co-founded a nonprofit called “The Moon Balloon Project” on the south shore of Boston, MA. Since that time she has helped nonprofits all over the world raise millions with appeals, emails, grants, sponsorships, and more. She has trained over 8,000 people from 2011 to 2014 in successful fundraising tactics.

Previous speaking engagements include:
— Association of Fundraising Professionals (2014)
— 4Good (2014)
— Blackbaud (2013-2014)
— (2013-2014)
— (2013-2014)
— Progressive Business Publications (2013-2014)
— National SBA Small Business Week (2013)
— Oregon SBDC (2013)
— Willamette Valley Development Officers (2013)
— The Scleroderma Foundation National Leadership Conference (2012-2013)
— Meals on Wheels National training seminars and conference (2012-2013)
— University of Portland’s Master’s in Nonprofit Management program (2012)

We’re offering a serious discount on this e-course, $20 off until February 28th. This course is just $89, and you could make this back with your very first gift that you receive! Can you imagine getting 92 more donors this year? This course will help you. Join us.

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