Have you ever been Betrayed?

I remember my last fundraising job, sitting in my chair at my desk, late into the night, week after week, month after month, trying to get ahead of my task list.

I thought that maybe, just maybe, my boss would give me a raise, or a better title, if I worked harder and did 5 people’s jobs.

Boy was I wrong.

Instead I worked until I was sick, I didn’t ask for a raise, and I didn’t get a better title, even though I was doing the work of a development director, volunteer manager, events director, grant writer, and more.

I don’t want my mistakes be your mistakes. I want to see you rise, as fast as you want, to the job you want.

So be honest with me here…

Are you content with spending the next few years at your current level of wages and title?

Or do you want more?

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the US, fundraising jobs are growing at a rate of 9%, faster than normal, and the median wage is $52,000.

Our field is growing, and you could get a better job and a higher salary this year.

Do you feel like you have the best job title right now, based on your job duties and responsibilities?

What if you could negotiate for a better job description? How would you do that?

Have you ever gotten what you consider to be a significant raise?

If not, what could you do to get one?

We’re going to answer these questions in our negotiation session at the online Fundraising Career Conference in April.

NOT attending this conference could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages over the next couple of years.

Do you really want to be held back another year by what you don’t know?

If not, then join us at the Fundraising Career Conference on April 17th, 19th, and 21st, 2017. You don’t even have to leave your desk.

Even if you can’t attend every session at the Fundraising Career Conference, it’s online, so we will record everything for you, to watch when it’s convenient for you.

Please, don’t make my fundraising career mistakes. I want to save you the pain of being betrayed. I want you to have the title and wages you need to succeed. Learning how to negotiate can get you what you want.

I hope you can join us. It’s gonna be a gamechanger.​​​​​​​


P.S. Want to avoid making some of the same mistakes I did right now? Here’s my post on 23 fundraising career mistakes I hope you won’t make.

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