Guest Post: 5 ways to get matching gifts by Adam Weinger

Have you ever wondered how other nonprofits get matching gifts?

Would you like to get more matching gifts for your nonprofit?

This week, we’re taking a guest blog post from Adam Weinger of Doublethedonation. He’s a pro at matching gifts. So if you don’t have a matching gift plan or program in place yet, read on!


I’d be willing to bet that your nonprofit’s fundraising and development strategic plans don’t include information about marketing matching gift programs to your donors.

Matching gifts are one of the largest sources of untapped funding for nonprofit organizations, and because of this, I want to help you reach and educate your donors about how easy it is to request a match (possibly doubling their donation)!

Promote Matching Gifts on Social Media Platforms

It seems like everyone has a presence on social media these days. What better way to reach your constituents than via a fun outlet they’re likely to be logged onto multiple hours of the day?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and many other social media sites offer the opportunity to post information about matching gifts in interesting ways that may catch the eyes of your constituents. Plus, these platforms make it incredibly easy for users to share this information with their other social media-using friends.

Here are some examples of matching gift posts you can use on your social networking pages!

Include Information about Matching Gifts in Acknowledgement Letters

One of the most important aspects of donor management is to ensure timely and genuine acknowledgement. After a constituent donates, it’s very important for a nonprofit organization to send a letter thanking them for their support.

Not only are these letters a reminder to the donor that the organization has recognized and thanks them, but they usually are tax-deductible receipts for the recipient, so the letters tend to get read, and more importantly, kept. This means you definitely have a captive audience for at least 30 seconds while the donor reads your acknowledgement letter, making it an ideal place to remind them that their support can potentially be doubled if they check with their employer to see if their gift can be matched!

Make it as clear as possible, noting that requesting a match can be done in just a few minutes, and with many large employers even offering online submission processes, they might not even have to leave the comfort of their own chair to do it.

Mention Matching Gifts in Fundraising-Related Emails

Most nonprofit organizations send out a variety of fundraising-related emails to their constituents several times per year, whether it’s an end-of-year, annual fund, or just general fundraising campaign. There is probably not a better place to inform your potential donors about the possibility of doubling, tripling, or even potentially quadrupling their donation by simply asking their employer if it offers a matching gift program!

You’ve already got their attention by sending them an email; make it a compelling one to keep their attention and get them to read; and then hook, line, sinker with the ask plus the matching gift request.

Dedicate Space in Newsletters and Blogs to Matching Gift Information

This is another example of a great space to inform your donors and constituents about any fundraising campaigns and matching gift opportunities. The audience reading your newsletters and blog already has a vested interest in your organization, or they wouldn’t have subscribed to receive updates from you (or even just ended up on your site by luck – seems like a long shot).

Dedicate some space in these electronic communications to tell your donors about how their gift can easily be matched by their employers – all they have to do is ask!

Direct Donors to the Electronic Matching Gift Submission Process

Many large companies that offer matching gift programs also offer an electronic matching gift submission process. While a few companies have developed their own processes, most major corporations contract out the administration process to vendors like JK Group, YourCause, or Causecast. When a constituent makes a donation, especially electronically, it would be beneficial to have a link allowing them to check if their employer offers a matching gift program, and an easy way for them to access the direct portals to the electronic process.

If your nonprofit organization works with a matching gift software company, directing your donors to their employer’s electronic submission process will make it so that they are at the proper location, making it the most likely of all above scenarios that a donor will put in the effort to submit the request.

Let us know, did marketing matching gifts to your donor result in more corporate matches?

Adam Weinger is the President of Double the Donation, a company which provides matching gift and volunteer grant tools to nonprofits. Connect with Adam on LinkedIn or follow Double the Donation on Twitter.

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