Guess what? For-Profit Online Universities are. . .

I recently got an email from someone who wanted to guest post on this blog. I get about 2-3 emails per week from people like this. People who have no nonprofit experience, but who want the backlink from my site. They generally type in some words from my blog post, to pretend that they’ve read it, and then ask if they can guest post.

In this case, the person writing to me was an online for-profit university, in the guise of a “writer and editor.”

“I am a writer and editor for Bisk Education. I work with entities such as Villanova University’s online Master of Public Administration program. I’d love the opportunity to contribute a post for your site. I have written for, and had a post featured on The Huffington Post, among others. I cover a lot of nonprofit topics, so I could create a relevant post that your audience will appreciate. I have a true passion for giving back, so writing about the nonprofit sector is always incredibly rewarding. I could send you links to some of my work if you’d like. I would definitely use our social media to promote the post once it goes up. May I send a couple of relevant topic ideas for your consideration?”Here’s my response.

Thanks for contacting me. I see your blog posts for Wild apricot and  And I see links to Bisk Education at the end of your posts there.

Advertisements in the end of blog posts are implicit endorsements.

And your employer, Bisk, apparently rips a lot of people off, including employees. I could not in good conscience give an outgoing link to them. Watch yourself.


I also don’t believe online degrees from for-profit colleges are valued by employers. Since I see that you also blog about HR, did you know that there have been a number of reports about online degrees like Bisks being scams? Obama has even signed a bill protecting veterans from for-profit online university recruiters.

Finally, my policy is that if you don’t have nonprofit experience I don’t need your blog post. But thanks anyway. I hope I have given you something to think about.




Want to guest post? If so, you need to have nonprofit experience. Why? Because generally if you have nonprofit experience, you have standards and morals and useful things to share. Unlike someone who, say, works at a for-profit online education company, like Bisk.

Studies have shown that people who take online classes are going to default on their student loans at exponentially higher rates than the general population. This is perfectly all right with online universities like University of Phoenix because they still get the government money to have these students, and then they just sell the debt to a debt collector. It creates such huge profits for them that they got investments from Goldman Sachs.“Boiler room atmospheres” such as the ones used by aggressive fraudsters in Internet marketing profiled by internet watchdog Salty Droid are prevalent at online universities. And they are now being sued for fraud. What is a boiler room?Here are the words of someone who worked at the University of Phoenix’s boiler room:“I worked there..It’s ALL true. It was a boiler room. They brought me in at $40K after a year I couldn’t take the telemarketing atmosphere. I was calling the same people daily. They were getting 3-4 calls per day from me. In some cases they were just inquiring about scholarships in general.over 200 calls a day. It was all about getting the $50 it began there and ended after you called then up to do their first assignment which meant they get zero refund. To be accepted the potential student’s High School had to have a GPA of 1.3 – 1.5 YES a “solid’ D….to boot a 16 week class semester was crammed to 8 weeks. In most schools the 3 essays were usually part of the criteria, At EDMC I had some returned to me to have the student redo the essays. Some were just unbelievable. The failure rate I predicted as= every ADA (Assistant Director of Admissions aka telemarketer).”

Does all of this negative PR hurt online universities? Yep.


Sept. 2016 UPDATE: For profit universities like Bisk and ITT Technical are ON THE RUN! According to InsideHigherEd, Elizabeth Warren just helped probe a deeper investigation of the recruitment strategies and actual results from students, and forced ITT Technical Institutes to close in California, and now according to the LA Times, (as of September 5th, 2016) they are closing every single school!

According to, the owner of the University of Phoenix just sold it, as stocks plummeted 75% in 2015, and 50,000 students fled in 2016!

And also according to CNN, for-profit Corinthian colleges went bankrupt in 2015.

Could Bisk Education be the next to close?

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