Free Webinar: Tons of Money in the Mail September 9th

Want to learn how to write a better appeal letter?

Join us on Tue, Sep 9, 2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT for this free one hour webinar!

What people are saying:

At the end of Tons of Money in the Mail, I asked Mazarine if she would review the year-end appeal letter I was in the process of writing. She readily agreed and off it went. Within hours, the letter was back in my in-box with some excellent suggestions. She has the ability to hone in on what is really important, eliminate what isn’t and identify what needs special emphasis.

Her webinar was packed with practical, easy to incorporate tips and I learned more in that one hour than I have in two to three hour workshops.

-Claudia Harrod, Cincinnati Area Senior Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Mazarine’s webinar gave me many fresh ideas that I would like to incorporate into my upcoming mailings. I plan to review my notes and the supplemental materials provided in order to create an “action plan” for the lessons learned. Thank you!”

-Amanda Parker, Associate Director of Development, OPERA America

“Mazarine Treyz’s presentation gave me TONS of ideas for making our year-end direct mailing more effective. The opportunity for questions and answers was also extremely valuable! Thanks!”

—T.J. Holsen, Development Director, Parents as Teachers of Lake County, Inc. Indiana

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About the presenter:


Mazarine Treyz, BA, (Bard College), has gotten thousands with direct mail appeals for small nonprofits, and helped others raise tens of thousands more with direct mail appeals.

Treyz is the author of the popular Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising. Her book was named as one of the Top 10 books of 2010 by Beth Kanter, CEO of Zoetica and author of The Networked Nonprofit.

In 2005 she co-founded a nonprofit called “The Moon Balloon Project” on the south shore of Boston, MA. Since that time she has raised over $1M for various local, national, and international nonprofits with appeals, emails, grants, sponsorships, and more.

Ms. Treyz has taught thousands of national and international nonprofits how to fundraise since 2009.

Previous nonprofit speaking engagements include:

  • University of Portland’s Master’s in Nonprofit Management program
  • The Scleroderma Foundation National Leadership Conference
  • Meals on Wheels National Conference
  • And many others.

If you can’t wait til September and want to get started on your appeal letter NOW,

\Check out Your Ultimate Guide to Successful Year End Appeals!

Your ultimate Guide to Successful Year End Appeals
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