summer eladrin, resisting work

Why Resisting Work Works

By Mazarine | June 7, 2022

Often we take our work home with us, think about it when we wake up, think about it as we’re […]

mazarine treyz teaches you how to build a webinar

Announcing the Asking for More Mastermind

By Mazarine | May 11, 2022

Are you tired of working for pennies? Done with a toxic environment? Ready for a change? If you want to […]

A career after fundraising: What does it look like?

By Mazarine | May 3, 2022

This is a picture of me after leaving my last fundraising job! I was so happy! My career after fundraising? […]

The zombie apocalypse is already here

By Mazarine | April 12, 2022

What does it mean, the zombie apocalypse is already here? What does it have to do with white supremacy or […]

Mazarine Treyz gene keys

What are the Gene Keys?

By Mazarine | April 5, 2022

I first came to the Gene Keys back in 2015 when I found Richard Rudd’s work through a podcast. His […]

Nonprofit Board Leadership: How to do it

By Mazarine | March 30, 2022

OK, you’re on your first nonprofit board, and leadership is on your mind. How do you do it? Well, number […]

i celebrate you quitting.

By Mazarine | March 23, 2022

In the last few months I’ve worked with women who have stayed at their jobs a LONG TIME and who […]

What’s the outlook for fundraising careers in 2022?

By Mazarine | February 15, 2022

If you are looking to get into fundraising, well, I salute you! I’ve helped lots of people get their first […]

Here’s how to leave your dead-end fundraising job

By Mazarine | January 24, 2022

Just go. That’s it. Really. GO. BREAK UP WITH HIM GIRL. HE’S NOT WORTH IT. You want more? Of course […]

She knows how to get a $12K raise: Interview with Elaine Lou Cartas | Mazarine Treyz

She knows how to get a $12K raise: Interview with Elaine Lou Cartas

By Mazarine | December 6, 2021

Are you looking to be more assertive in your work? Elaine Lou Cartas, first generation female fundraiser, helps us see […]

Nonprofit Governance: What’s your flavor? | Mazarine Treyz

Nonprofit Governance: What’s your flavor?

By Mazarine | November 30, 2021

This Craig David song makes me groove across the dancefloor. Now you know. Fun Fact: I used to live in […]

How many board members should a nonprofit have?

By Mazarine | November 30, 2021

If your nonprofit is new, making a tiny amount of money with events, or has a disengaged board, it might […]

How to Deal with Microaggressions in your Nonprofit Workplace

By Mazarine | February 24, 2016

Recently I got a reader question about microaggressions at work. And as employers try to make folks go back to […]

If this is LinkedIn, Get Me Outta Here!

By Mazarine | October 14, 2014

A lot of fundraising people I know are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a good tool for your career. It […]

Why is Self-care for Fundraisers so Important? | Mazarine Treyz

Why is Self-care for Fundraisers so Important?

By Mazarine | July 9, 2014

Because Man! It’s so important to take care of yourself because then you can take care of others! If you […]

14 Interview Questions for Nonprofit Executive Directors | Mazarine Treyz

14 Interview Questions for Nonprofit Executive Directors

By Mazarine | April 9, 2014

How can you choose the right executive director? It’s not just about nonprofit executive director interview questions. Here’s your first […]


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