2 New Webinars to help you go Online with your Messaging and Events

OK so coronavirus is scary, and we do not know when it will end. It could come back in the fall or winter. It could mutate and stay with us all spring.

Even when it ends… 2M people will be dead, if it has a 2% mortality rate. A LOT of those could be your donors, because it is 14% fatal in people 70 and over. That’s depressing, so here’s a funny video about it.

We simply cannot put our donors at risk. That means we need to meet our donors on the phone or online. We also need to help staff get comfortable with meeting online. And help program staff stay safe during this time. We will never return to “normal.” 

This means a lot needs to change in how we communicate with our donors, and how we do our events.

So, after getting speaking gigs cancelled, scrubbing my house, watering all my plants, talking with my mom, and buying enough food for two weeks, I made 4 new blog posts, and 2 new webinars to help you with this new reality. The blog posts will be coming out on Bloomerang in the next few weeks. Look for them, where I’ll be talking about how to work from home more effectively, how to run better online meetings, how to have a better online meeting with your donor, and how to do the tech that comes with managing remote workers. I’ve worked remotely for over 10 years and do have a remote team that I love, and I’ve shared some tools that work for us.

Check out the descriptions of the two free webinars below, then sign up. We already have over 250 people signed up for our first webinar next week- see below! 

How to message during this crisis: Tuesday March 24th at 10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET)

Register here

For the last 10 years I have taught fundraising communications; everything from enewsletters, to annual reports, to appeal letters, to monthly giving asks.

And my students and clients have reaped the benefits.

Now, i want to help you manage your messaging during this coronavirus crisis.

Here’s what this online workshop will cover:

  • Creating a communications plan that is as fluid as it needs to be
  • Figuring out your target audience
  • Which channels are the most effective right now?
  • How to message across platforms
  • Standing out from all of the crisis messaging
  • Different ways to tell the story as the crisis wears on
  • Emergency grants are flooding from states and foundations right now and how to message those asks

AND YES the recordings will be available, so please register, forward to a friend who needs it, do what you can to support them!

Bottom line: Now is the best time to ask. Let’s help you ask effectively.

Register here

SECOND Free Webinar!

Secrets of successful virtual conferences: Tuesday March 31st at 10am-11am PT (1pm-2pm ET) 

Is your conference up in the air? Or are you going totally virtual, like AFP ICON had to? You’re not alone. Join us on Tuesday March 31st, 2020

I’ve directed 8 online conferences, partnered with multiple universities and gotten bigger and bigger sponsorships year over year with these events.  I can give you all the benefit of my experience as your nonprofit looks to deal with this challenging time, so you don’t lose revenue or engagement with your supporters. 

Here’s what this online workshop will cover:

  1. –> 3 ways to promote the conference beforehand using cheap or free tools
  2. –> How to help people see how exciting the event will be
  3. –> Secrets to continue to offer value to your sponsors
  4. –> How to do incredible run throughs with presenters
  5. –>  Making sure everything goes smoothly on conference days
  6. –> How to know when you need to delegate, and what you need to do yourself
  7. –> Next steps after the conference is over, to get people excited about the next event

You’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes at my virtual conferences, something I have never shown before. Register here

AND YES the recordings will be available, so please register, forward to a friend who needs it, do what you can to support them! 

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